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JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor’s computer and doesn’t require constant downloads from your website. JavaScript is often used to create polls and quizzes. It adds animation in the place of flash which was not supported by apple. jQuery is a set of JavaScript libraries that have been designed specifically to simplify HTML document traversing, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions. and GIFs 3618pm

The internet has impacted people and especially art, in revolutionary ways. It didn’t fully occur to me how greatly though until I read and The article for Chuck Poynter is a tribute to his contributions to the internet. He does seem fishy having started so late but who knows! Anyway, it is absolutely beautiful and shows some excellent examples of his work. The use of the internet as an interactive medium was slightly hard to conceive but those who can, create thought-provoking, controversial pieces of work. Some are clear in their intent but others take some willingness to search and braveness to explore. I’ve been afraid to click for some obvious reasons (viruses, spyware) and out of sheer terror of seeing something that could scar me….never know. Either way is it’s own field that requires its own medium to create works of art that mean something to someone. Isn’t that all art is? 

3618pm Net Art

Net art involves experience. In most cases you have to interact with the piece to discover the meaning behind it, if you ever do. This contrasts with the way most art is perceived these days which is as an object to be aesthetically appreciated. Now when I look at a painting on the internet I am not in the actual presence of the physical piece but I do experience something. Through ArtStor you can even see parts of art works closer than you could in real life but the real, original piece may be different in person.  

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This template grabbed me with it’s choice of artwork but the actual layout is smooth and professional. As you click links the pages glide over instead of taking a second to load an entirely new page. When you click on an image a gallery comes up with an enlarged image which is a nice touch. A drop down menu appears when you hover over hime but it doesn’t seem to fit. The addition of more links in this way could be an issue but not a big one.


This template has a modern feel but is also elegant in how its moves between pages and clicking links. It leaves a lot of room for additional information and what not which is handy for someone who wants to display different types of works. 


I have a thing for simplicity in websites and enjoy the full page images. It makes the web page itself more of a piece of art instead of just a way to display it. The drop down menus look great and there’s loads of room for additions if necessary. In my opinion an artists portfolio should be just that, a portfolio of their art works and a bit of information on the artist and how to contact them. I want to create a few different types of art so options and room to work with are the aspects I look for.

We talked about “Net Art” in digital studio and I found a lot of humor in some of the sites we explored. I do remember the occasional creepy one that did have an important message but overall the majority have a great impact in social and political areas. The Yes men stood out for obvious reasons with their fake websites and interruption of important conferences. Net art utilizes the networks that make up the internet in their own individual way to achieve a larger goal. I enjoy the fact that for a lot of these “sites” you have to think or dig to discover what that goal is. 

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